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New leads by source

You can filter this report according to the sources and make it appear in different forms.

Flexible reporting

You generate a report that can be modulated according to the options you choose: whether or not to include certain sources & thus highlight the origin of your leads.

What does lead source mean?

The source of leads is the source that led to the conversion, as opposed to the source indicated in the "contact" section which indicates the source of origin, i.e. the first time this contact has appeared on your website. 

How to analyse this report ?

Beyond the graphical aspects, you can also track & export these figures in Excel format.

With this report you can determine whether the sources that bring you the most traffic are also bringing you new leads.
If this is not the case, you should consider the following points: 

  • Are there enough forms on your site? 
  • Are your forms visible enough (think about using pop-ups to subscribe to your newsletter for example)? 
  • Do you highlight the interest your visitors have in filling out your forms (the value added by your communications, the benefits to be gained from your white papers etc.)?
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