Why review a score? 

It might be helpful to review a score: 

  • before publishing and/or promoting your content for the first time;
  • if you want to re-evaluate your scoring strategy: it may be that a score attributed a few months ago no longer seems representative of the engagement of your visitors and you want to increase it. 

Before changing your score, our comments: 

1.Changing a score is not retroactive:  it will only have an impact on events following this change. 

For example, if your score the submission of a form at 40 points on 1 January, and then want to revise this score down to 20 points on 1 February, all contact that will have submitted this form in January will maintain a score of 40 points associated with this download. 

2. Also be careful not to over-score your content.
==> This risks pushing your contacts too quickly through the purchase funnel, and consequently sending leads to sales reps that are considered “not sufficiently mature". Changes to scores must therefore be considered sparingly ;) 

How do I find and change the score attributed to my content? 

Information on your content’s score, whether an offer, an e-book, a page or an article, is found directly in their ID record. 

Here are the steps:
1.Click on your content in the content index, here;

2.Click on the edit button of your content;

3. At the bottom of the window that appears, you can correct the score associated with the actions linked to your content: 

  • page visit;
  • form submission;

4. Don’t forget to update the content by clicking on the pink button at the bottom of your window. 

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